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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Menopausal symptoms and health practices among middle aged Thai Muslim womenSomjit Chaiput; Faculty of Nursing (Adult Nursing)
2002Ethical dilemmas experienced by nurses in intensive care units in Medan, IndonesiaSetiawan; Faculty of Nursing (Adult Nursing)
2010Development of a Professional Caring Model for Enhancing the Quality of Nursing Care for Critically Ill Patients in IndonesiaUrai Hatthakit; Setiawan; Faculty of Nursing (Medical Nursing); คณะพยาบาลศาสตร์ ภาควิชาการพยาบาลอายุรศาสตร์
2010Development of the Therapeutic Buddhist Meditation Nursing Model for Self-Healing in Persons with HypertensionUrai Hatthakit; Jamjuree Saeloo; Faculty of Nursing (Medical Nursing); คณะพยาบาลศาสตร์ ภาควิชาการพยาบาลอายุรศาสตร์
2010End-of-Life Care for Dying Peacefully in the Thai Buddhist Culture: Family Members’ and Nurses’ PerspectivesUrai Hatthakit; Sirilak Somanusorn; Faculty of Nursing (Medical Nursing); คณะพยาบาลศาสตร์ ภาควิชาการพยาบาลอายุรศาสตร์
2004Role perception and role performance of family member-directly observed treatment (DOT) observers as perceived by family member-DOT observers and people with pulmonary tuberculosisNanthiya Phromrak; Faculty of Nursing (Adult Nursing)
2003Effects of Tai Chi Qigong on sleep among the elderly in residential careBenjamard Thinhuatoey; Faculty of Nursing (Adult Nursing)
2003Sleep quality and factors interfering with sleep among hospitalized elderly in medical units, Medan, IndonesiaEvi Karota-Bukit; Faculty of Nursing (Adult Nursing)
2002Development of a pain assessment protocol for nurses caring for patients with acute painRogayah Abd.Rahim; Faculty of Nursing (Adult Nursing)
2006Effectiveness of brief cognitive-support treatment in mild to moderate depressed Thai adolescent studentsSaifon Aekwarangkoon; Faculty of Nursing (Nursing)