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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999A Comparison of Some Economic Indicators between Thailand and Malaysia Using Statistical Time Series AnalysisDon Mcneil; Wanlapa Pornwiriyamongkol; Research Methodology
2009Temporal Trends of Liver Cancer Incidence Rate in Songkhla, Thailand during 1989-2007Nittaya McNeil; Theerayut Chomngam; Research Methodology
1999Relation of Water Comsumption Characteristics and Larval Distribution of Dengue Vectors to Transmission of Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever in Villages in Pattani ProvinceDon McNeil; Arwae Luemoh; Research Methodology
1999Climatic Factors Influencing the Incidence of Dengue Haemorrhigic Fever in Southern ThailandDon Mc.Neil; Khanitta Kanchanapairoj; Research Methodology
2001Time-Series Analysis : Consumption of Petroleum Products in Thailand during 1984-1999Don Mc.Neil; Thitiphit Karasuwan; Research Methodology
1999The Analysis of Currency Exchange RatesDon Mc.Neil; Puntri Jirattitiviwat; Research Methodology
1998Spatial-Temporal Patterns in the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Southern Thailand Border ProvincesDon Mc.neil; Wandee Thitinuntapan; Research Methodology
2005Trends in Quantity of Marine Fish at Pattani Fishery Port (1999-2003)Don McNeil; Premwadee Komontree; Research Methodology
1998Analysis of Hydrographic Data from Pattani Bay in 1995-1996Don Mc.Neil; Wirapong Arpharattanakhun; Research Methodology
2001Risk Factors Related to Acute Diarrhea Disease in Children Aged under 5 Years in Pattani ProvinceDon McNeil; Montri Sirichai; Research Methodology