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Title: Key Success Factors in Community - based Tourism: A Case Study of Koh Lone, Phuket
Other Titles: ปัจจัยความสำเร็จที่สำคัญในการท่องเที่ยวชุมชน : กรณีศึกษาบ้านเกาะโหลน ภูเก็ต
Authors: Promchanya, Aphirom
Buakaew, Chorpaka
Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism (Hospitality and Tourism Management)
คณะการบริการและการท่องเที่ยว สาขาวิชาการจัดการการบริการและการท่องเที่ยว
Keywords: Key Success Factors in Community - based Tourism
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Prince of Songkla University
Abstract: Community-based Tourism (CBT) adopted in Koh Lone community is an indicator for tourism management based in natural and cultural resource. This research analyses the current community based tourism management, conservation and eco-tourism practices in Koh Lone as player in raising community livelihoods and the challenges encountered. The one objective of this research is “To study the key success factors in community - based tourism adopted in Koh Lone, Phuket”. This research has seek to answer in three research question were 1) What are the key success factors of Koh Lone community – based tourism. 2) How do the tourists perceive Koh Lone as tourist attraction destination. 3) How does the Government support and encourage community - based tourism adopted in Koh Lone, Phuket. Thus, perceive of key success factors of the survey in this study are measuring the key success of Community – based ecotourism (CBET) industry, moreover the key success observe will be support the favorable strategies motivation and influence organization successful. Qualitative data are data were used to analyze the research, throughout this research study there are types of stakeholder groups of Community - basedecotourism. The finding indicated that Community Based Tourism (CBT) in Koh Lone has development from the demands of government. This project designed a model of tourism for conservation, community development, and cross-cultural sharing. CBT activities have been planned and managed by local Muslim fishers, sharing local life, celebrating local cultural, develop in local skills and building environmental awareness among guests and hosts.
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